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Quilt for the MAN

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I’ve finally made something for my MAN. It is not totally done, but here is the top.


I really wish that I could have gotten my hands on some more of the VW Combi Bus fabric by Heather Ross, but by the time I figured out I wanted it, it was $11/fat quarter. I bought half a yard and set out to find the perfect pattern where I didn’t have to cut the fabric up too much. i think that I found it. This pattern is “Perfect Ten” by Swirly Girls Design. It went together really fast. I was able to do all of my cutting at the Orange Quilt Bee on their awesome tables which I think saved me a lot of time as I don’t have much of a cutting table at home.

More of a close up of the fabric…

I love it, it is so soft. A nice poplin, its like super comfy sheets. I haven’t decided what I am going to back it with yet, but it will happen eventually.


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