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the fact that I am participating in the Harry Potter Knit and Crochet House Cup, and have been sorted into Slytherin house. This is a very motivating project for me, its forcing me to get things done… things for myself and things for others… I want to share my most recent entry in the dungeons for the HPKCHC, because there are pictures of pretty FOs!

Update on my assignments…
-HoM – Completed and turned in Basilisk Skin Beanie


-Herbology – Completed and turned in Herbology Hot Pads


-Charms – Still contemplating pattern
-Ancient Runes – To be completed this week
-DADA – Not sure yet
-Potions – Frogged once… will attempt again this week
-Headmistress Challenge – One bookmark done, 3 to go
-OWL Proposal – Swatch and Proposal to be turned in tonight for JJ the Fire Dragon—amigurumi-pattern


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