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Productive Day

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Today we started some seeds for the garden. We did them in egg crates. Hopefully that works well for us and becomes a new tradition. I turned the compost (having a bunny is really helping our compost move along a bit faster than it had before) and fought a battle with the icky grubs that are trying to make my garden boxes their breeding grounds, UGH! Lots of splattered grub guts on the concrete today.

I also finally decided that I will offer the same kinds of bouquets and bouts that I made for my wedding available for custom order in my etsy shop. A reminder of my awesome bouquet:


One thought on “Productive Day

  1. I envy you! I have been pretty good at starting seeds directly in the ground but everytime I try to start seeds indoors, they grow into these scrawny little things that either expire before I can plant them or shrivel the moment they get outdoors. Lovely bouquet, btw.

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