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Alright, alright, alright…

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Its been an insane two weeks for me. Last week was really rough and I didn’t get much done, but this week I am really making an effort to get stuff done again. I have been doing really well at being productive, I’m gonna keep going going going.

So what have I done so far?

I got a facebook page started for MKissa Creations: MKissa Creations on Facebook (if you haven’t liked it yet, I would really appreciate it if you would)

I got my first VW bus pillow sewn up, this was kind of the prototype, the newer ones (that don’t have actual pillows in them yet, have little headlights on them too.
VW Bus Pillow FrontVW Bus Pillow Back

Today I finished a birthday block that was a little overdue:

I’m working working working on getting some more stuff done. Another quilt block or two and also making some budgeting jars for our home. Time to save up some money!


One thought on “Alright, alright, alright…

  1. Done on the FB page. Cute idea on the vw bus pillow and I love your birthday blocks. Nicely done!

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