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Halloween Paperpieced Block Blog Hop

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I am going to be participating in a Halloween Paperpieced Blcok Blog Hop over at Whims and Fancies. I am so excited! I will be posting my pattern on Sunday, October 21. I absolutely LOVE Halloween and am looking forward to being more active on my blog and website so this seems like the perfect blog hop for me to start with!

I finished designing my block late last night and will be testing it on Thursday night at the quilt class/group that I go to. I hope that I don’t have to go through too many revisions but my biggest fear lies in the fact that I took such a later date in the month that someone may produce something sort of like mine and that I will have to revamp it all over again or completely change it and come up with a new idea.  The panicked girl in me is starting to drum up other ideas in my head already, although I am completely in love with this design.



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