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Sometimes I have a hard time with the brainstorming process that happens for the onesies. I often feel like I can’t execute my idea the way I want to, or I worry that they won’t be well received. I do enjoy the artistic process and with the pattern making that I have been doing this week I am excited about it again and since I can’t share the pattern I designed I thought that I would share one of my most favorite designs.

I just love this onesie set so much. The fabrics, the designs, all of it! I feel like a lot of the baby boy clothes involve dinosaurs, baseball and trucks… and I’m sure I will make some of those eventually as well, but I like that these onesies just feel different. I had a great time designing them and (obviously) could not be happier with the outcome.


I think its time for another brainstorming session to vamp up the shop for the holiday season!


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