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Daily Listing Challenge

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I’ve decided to really focus on getting my etsy shop to a more successful part of my life! To jump start it for the new year I have decided to participate in a daily listing challenge on etsy. I will be listing a new item EVERY day in the month of January. I started off on the right foot with a new VW Bus onesie in grey. I love the fabric that I used for colored part of the bus. I also use it in my construction onesie set.

I have big plans for this daily challenge which includes at least 2 new bouquet arrangements and also at least one new baby quilt. Along with posting daily on etsy I also hope to be posting at least twice a week on this blog. I am hoping to create some decent foot traffic on both my etsy and here at my blog. I plan on posting my experiences with the craft business world while balancing a full time restaurant management job.

Getting items ready to post on my days off is going to be a huge part of this challenge, so far I have tomorrow’s item already completed, I just have to take photographs and get it posted up on etsy. On Thursday I should be able to get at least three more items completed. I am really excited to test and challenge myself this month.


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