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Now that the gift has been gifted I can post pictures.

Made my second starghan, its a ridiculous 78″ from point to point. It took me a month of crocheting in my down time. I am really happy with the colors and the way that it turned out. It is picture here on my queen size bed. It is definitely the largest afghan I have ever made.


Then I made this awesome pillow case to serve as a gift bag. I didn’t use a pattern other than getting the size from a pillowcase that I already had and then I made it a little larger in case of shrinkage.

The result:


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First Post

Well… it seems that I have started to devote most of my free time to crafting and wanted to have a blog where I could share with everyone what I am working on at the moment. The hardest part right now, is that most of the items that I am working on are gifts, and cannot be pictured here until they are given.

This first project took me about a month. I crocheted mostly in the evenings in front of the TV. It came together pretty easily, a bit boring on the last few rows, but totally worth it. The final size measures 55″ from point to point. I couldn’t be happier with it. It is a gift for a friend who is writing my astrological chart for me. She is a Leo, which made my color choices easy.

Please don’t mind Dexter and Rupert, they are just preforming the final quality controll checks.

The patterns that I used (by Beth Parsons) is here: