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I finished my first two quilt blocks for the pinwheel sampler quilt a long at

Blocks 1 and 2

They went together really easily and I really love the way they turned out. The instructions are very easy to follow. I cannot wait for the next blocks!!


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Quilt A Long

Its looking pretty gloomy here in Orange, so after spending two hours cleaning the bus… and pulling the awful pea soup shag carpeting off of some of the walls and scraping the 25+ year old glue residue off I called it quits to come inside and start some sewing.

I have decided to participate in the Pinwheel Quilt-A-Long.

Here are the fabrics I pulled from my stash for the Quilt-A-Long. 🙂

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Wow. I cannot believe how productive of a month I am having. I mean, I really set out to have one, but I am actually doing it, lists are getting crossed off, projects are being completed, rooms are being cleaned, and life is improving.

On Satruday I went to a birthday party for my friend Jenny’s daughter’s 3rd birthday. What a trip that my friend has a 3-year-old, but, of course I did not plan ahead of time and had no gift as of Friday night at 5. Sooo… I got my shift covered at the pizza place and headed to Joann’s. Oh my gosh, it has been almost 3 whole months since I purchased any fabric. It was hard to go in there and get back out only buying what I needed… oh the pretties…

Six and a half hours later I came out of my sewing room with these two items. The dress is a McCalls pattern. I made it in a size 5 because Miss Mackenzie is tall and is already wearing a 4T. The purse is just a freehand project, both the princess fabric and the purple lining are sparkley.
Princess and the Frog Dress

Little girls love things to put their things in…
Princess Bag

Theeeeeen… I finished the MAN’s LA Kings scarf… BEFORE HOCKEY PLAYOFFS… WOOT!!!

As always… you can click the phots to see them larger.

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The biggest project

She isn’t ours yet… but, we had to sneak a peak at the storage yard, through the fence, and the rain… here she is!! A little more rust than expected, but not on any crucial parts. Hopefully she will be coming home in the next week or so.

1st glance at our new bus

And… she still has her original Cali black and yellow plates… oh gosh…
Still has her orginal California plates

I definitely have my work cut out for me on the interior. As you can see in this picture the upholstery is semi non existant, so yeah, that is going to be LOTS of fun.

Next week we will see the rest of the interior, but we are sold on it already. The body is in too good of shape to pass up for $500. Plus… PROJECT! Can’t wait to get her painted!!

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Fun with magnet paper

So, I’ve been playing with the magnetic ink jet paper…


I made a Buffy magnetic “poetry” set for one of my best friends. It was really fun to come up with all the different words, I’m not really sure how many words I have in there, but there are definitely two full pages of Times (font) size 13 bold, just to get an idea. They fit nicely in their Altoid box home.


The back.