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Daily Listing Challenge

I’ve decided to really focus on getting my etsy shop to a more successful part of my life! To jump start it for the new year I have decided to participate in a daily listing challenge on etsy. I will be listing a new item EVERY day in the month of January. I started off on the right foot with a new VW Bus onesie in grey. I love the fabric that I used for colored part of the bus. I also use it in my construction onesie set.

I have big plans for this daily challenge which includes at least 2 new bouquet arrangements and also at least one new baby quilt. Along with posting daily on etsy I also hope to be posting at least twice a week on this blog. I am hoping to create some decent foot traffic on both my etsy and here at my blog. I plan on posting my experiences with the craft business world while balancing a full time restaurant management job.

Getting items ready to post on my days off is going to be a huge part of this challenge, so far I have tomorrow’s item already completed, I just have to take photographs and get it posted up on etsy. On Thursday I should be able to get at least three more items completed. I am really excited to test and challenge myself this month.


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Alright, alright, alright…

Its been an insane two weeks for me. Last week was really rough and I didn’t get much done, but this week I am really making an effort to get stuff done again. I have been doing really well at being productive, I’m gonna keep going going going.

So what have I done so far?

I got a facebook page started for MKissa Creations: MKissa Creations on Facebook (if you haven’t liked it yet, I would really appreciate it if you would)

I got my first VW bus pillow sewn up, this was kind of the prototype, the newer ones (that don’t have actual pillows in them yet, have little headlights on them too.
VW Bus Pillow FrontVW Bus Pillow Back

Today I finished a birthday block that was a little overdue:

I’m working working working on getting some more stuff done. Another quilt block or two and also making some budgeting jars for our home. Time to save up some money!

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The biggest project

She isn’t ours yet… but, we had to sneak a peak at the storage yard, through the fence, and the rain… here she is!! A little more rust than expected, but not on any crucial parts. Hopefully she will be coming home in the next week or so.

1st glance at our new bus

And… she still has her original Cali black and yellow plates… oh gosh…
Still has her orginal California plates

I definitely have my work cut out for me on the interior. As you can see in this picture the upholstery is semi non existant, so yeah, that is going to be LOTS of fun.

Next week we will see the rest of the interior, but we are sold on it already. The body is in too good of shape to pass up for $500. Plus… PROJECT! Can’t wait to get her painted!!