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What does it take?

I’m working on a list of goals. I’ve done plenty of goal making lists in the past, in fact, I am on my third version of Mission 101/Day Zero/101 in 1001, but this goal list is much different. It’s more short term and very focused on my etsy shop MKissaCreations. Goals should be measurable and attainable, the lists go on and on, and I tend to get distracted and often move from one list to another. You know on Big Bang Theory how they have two big white boards in their living room (mostly in the first season)? I need that! I need giant boards of “To-So” lists that sit in my living room. I feel like each list spins off into another list of smaller goals and then I get overwhelmed.

What do you do to keep your goal lists in check? To keep them from getting out of control?


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Work and work…

So the job where I make other people money:

One of the girls who works in the corporate office quit, she got an offer for another job. I have put in my request to work up there instead of in the restaurants and it seems like it has been well received, so hopefully I will have a little bit of a more normal schedule in my life sometime soon.

And theeeeeen, the job where I make myself money:

I’ve been working really hard, trying to get my etsy shop stocked up. I know that the more stuff I put in there the better chance of have of selling stuff. Now that I have a bunch of my VW stuff in there I am thinking about branching out on my appliques. The blanket stitch on my sewing machine and I are friends now, we were once sworn enemies. So I think… I’ll have some more onesies with mushrooms, cupcakes and sailboats on them soon. I think I might put a mushroom on a pillow or two as well.

So a few days ago I got another two bus pillow covers sewn up…
They are both this same case.
Aqua and Yellow Bus Pillow

And then today I finished up this new ribbon rose bouquet. I love the colors and have really wanted to be doing something in bright pink and black.

Punk Rock Bride- Hot Pink and Black Bouquet- Top Punk Rock Bride- Hot Pink and Black Bouquet- Side 1 Punk Rock Bride- Hot Pink and Black Bouquet- Side 2

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Two More Birthday Blocks Completed

I got 2 blocks sewn up for the lj group and am going to try to mail them off tomorrow.

This one is for Aalia the pattern is Strips and Squares it seems like there are lots of pieces, but no more so than when you do flying geese or pinwheels and the like, just a little bit more work to get the seams lined up. I really like the overall look of it. Plus with the green and black it feels all Slytheriny.


Then I made this block for Lisa She had asked for beach houses of any pattern in beachy colors. I have this Beach Cottages Quilt Patterns and plan on making the quilt someday, but used some of the patterns to create my own 12.5″ block for her. I think it turned out awesome and I can hardly bare to part with it. I think this is the push I needed to get the quilt started.


I had a few more sewing pieces prepared for the day, but we got invited out for drinks with some friends, and well, its my day off, so we are going to join them. I am going to try to make a new color scheme ribbon rose bouquet done when I get home and perhaps get some ribbon rose hair clips done as well.


First order is away…

I’ve just finished and shipped my first custom etsy order. Oh man am I nervous for her to receive them and decide that they are everything she wanted.

I think they turned out great and am really happy with them. I made 5 Bridesmaids Bouquets, 1 Bridal Bouquet and 1 Toss Bouquet.

Red and White Polka Dot Wedding

A little closer up…

Red and White Polka Dot Wedding Close Up

And the boutonnieres (I made 5 groomsman ones, missed one in this picture, and 1 for the groom that has the double flower)

Red and White Polka Dot Wedding Boutonnieres