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Yarn Purge

Yesterday I organized my yarn stash and started working on getting my craft room organized. Oh there is just soooo much stuff in mu I’ve finished another of my 12 of 2012 projects.

Here is what is supposed to be my March finish… I’ve been in a morn yarn than fabric mood and I figured that keeping myself busy doing something was better than doing nothing.


and then on top of that. I have been working on one of my 101 in 1001 goals of getting yarn used up and another goal of making over 30 blankets… this is from Jennifer of‘s
Oh Wavy Baby Pattern



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Granny Rectangle #2

I started this blanket while finishing the last baby quilt that I made. It seemed like our friends and family members kept announcing pregnancies and I was unsure how many would continue to roll in. So this is the boy baby blanket that I made just in case. I used the same pattern as the blanket in the entry below.


It turned out a bit larger than the typical crochet baby blanket, but I am sure it will make a great baby/toddler blanket. Something that the child can snuggle with until they are 4 or 5…

This blanket and it’s pattern can be viewed on my Ravelry. Username: MKissa

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Granny Rectangle

Here is a completed Granny Rectangle laid out on my queen size bed. This thing is a monster, the last two rows used an entire skein of yarn. It was a gift for a friend who is a USC grad and it has finally been gifted so now it can be posted.

I used this pattern: but I changed the way the corners were done. It seemed like there were too many shells in there for my taste.