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Wedding Colors

I absolutely love creating flowers for people’s weddings. It is one of my favorite parts of the things I make. A few of the struggles of the wedding business for me have been not receiving much feedback from my orders, and the research that goes into the hot bridal color combinations.

I have received feedback for one of my bouquet sets after the bride got the order in the mail. She told me that she thought they were even prettier in person than they were in the photos, but other than that I rarely hear from the people who buy my items. I would love to see my feedback fill up with posts from happy customers. I know that it will come with time as long as I keep fulfilling orders.

I’ve got some great new color ideas that I should have completed this weekend. Did I mention I have some days off from my day job? YEP, I do, 4 whole days in a row. Time to enjoy the Orange International Street Fair and get a grip of ribbon roses worked up.

Pictures to come soon. Happy Crafting!


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All Work and No Play…

What a zany week! I received an order for a set of boutonnières, corsages, and bouquets. She wanted them on a rush, she ordered last week and I have to ship them out this Friday for their September 6th wedding.

It has been a fun rushed project and I’ve gotten to add a new item to my collection. This bride requested wrist corsages for the mothers of both of the bride and groom. I am really happy with the way that they turned out and will hopefully be able to add a few more to my shop perhaps for proms or homecomings and even more formal events.





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My blogging adventure will continue to be that the telling of the story of me trying to quit my day job and making it in the craft world.

My dear friends, family and fans, your support means the world to me! There are lots of ways you can help towards making this dream a reality (and you don’t even have to spend a penny, of course if you like to spend pennies, I’ll gladly accept those too).

-You can recommend your friends to like my facebook page
-If you have an etsy, you can mark some of the items in my shop as your favorites or create a treasury that features my and 15 other of your friends items!!
-You can point others in the direction of my website or etsy when you know they are getting married or shopping for a baby shower gift
-Pin items from my shop, or pictures from my blog to pinterest, or repin items I have already pinned.
-You can purchase something from my etsy shop (This one is for the penny spenders!)

There are quite a large group of you who have already lent me tons of support and while I might not get an immediate “Thank you” out I appreciate every second you take to give me a like, a heart, or a little shout out. Thank you all for your continued support.