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Been hand sewing my fingers to the bone lately.

Really trying to stock up my etsy shop even if it is just one item at a time. I got these two onesies posted up there today. YAY! I have quite a few of them stocked up, and am excited to see if they receive a good response.

Boy and Girl VW Bus Onesie

I have plans to make some pillows that look like the quilt label I made for the MAN’s quilt, hopefully to sell on etsy and at bus shows.

I also got a birthday block for the group done too. One more March one, I am going to try to get it done on Sunday.



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Productive Day

Today we started some seeds for the garden. We did them in egg crates. Hopefully that works well for us and becomes a new tradition. I turned the compost (having a bunny is really helping our compost move along a bit faster than it had before) and fought a battle with the icky grubs that are trying to make my garden boxes their breeding grounds, UGH! Lots of splattered grub guts on the concrete today.

I also finally decided that I will offer the same kinds of bouquets and bouts that I made for my wedding available for custom order in my etsy shop. A reminder of my awesome bouquet:

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Fabric Friday

I had a fantastic fabric shopping trip on my day off this week thanks to my Mother-In-Law and the gift certificate that she gave me for my birthday.

We have been shopping for the fabric for the curtains for our ’63 VW Bus for over a year now. This took a long time because of 2 things: 1) It’s kind of a big decision, the curtains in people’s buses are notices by almost everyone at the shows AND 2) It’s kinda hard to get the MAN to stay in a fabric store long enough to actually compare fabrics.

I fell in LOVE with these little mushrooms though. So much so that I think the MAN may have just let me get them because there was no going back after I saw them. The fabric pretty much matches perfectly with the red that is inside the bus as well as the cream pretty much matches the pearl white of the exterior.


Then I stated collecting fabrics for my youngest sister’s quilt. Its going to be a purple ombre quilt, but so far I just have the darkest and the lightest.



My Harry Potter Birthday Party

Well… I hit the bit 3-oh on Monday and on Sunday I had a Harry Potter Birthday Party (hey, we had a Star Wars one for the MAN’s 40th). My sister and I did a lot of the decorations ourselves.

I cut this sign out of black foam core with an x-acto knife. I drew if freehand before I cut, based on Jennifer Ofenstein’s Leaky Cauldron quilt pattern. I absolutely LOVE how it turned out.


Then I painted this Platform 9 3/4 sign. Its on a piece of scrap cardboard, but with how awesome it turned out I really wish I had put it on a piece of foam core or a piece of wood.


My sister made the sparkly snitches and we also had flying keys with sparkly wings on our cabinets.

I bought a frog candy mold on for like $4 and made chocolate frogs. Dark and Milk. They really turned out fantastic. We had Jelly Belly’s and Licorice Wands and my sister made her fantastic sugar cookies in Sorting Hat form. She also made the awesome cupcakes!




It was a great party and really fun to be able to use a lot of my Halloween decor as well as make some new signs.

I got a fantastic GC for a local fabric store that I already had a GC for, and the MAN and I went shopping yesterday. Big Fabric Friday post tomorrow. We finally have the fabric for our bus curtains!