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New Year – No Waste

D8Sa5iNdR6+DRcMwh%JBww  I’m introducing some new products to my craft fair show line this season that center around a less wasteful lifestyle. We recently made a cross country move and the amount of decluttering and trashing that we did before we left is something that I am actually ashamed of.

We have always been someone eco minded and have cloth diapered both of our children, tried to you cloth napkins, and recycled what we could. On moving day our house was still filled with so much stuff that we didn’t need, and when it came down to deciding whether or not to move it across the country, turns out we didn’t really want it either.

The experienced changed us. We had a new outlook. We had to stop buying things we throw out!

We have moved into a small beach cottage and are trying to scrimp and save everywhere we can so that we can buy a place here in the next year or so. First step… no more single use paper/plastic products in the kitchen. This means saying goodbye to paper towels, saran wrap, and plastic bags. No waste/Reusable and easily accessible towels has been the first venture. They are in the same place the paper towels used to be which makes the transition a little easier. I’ve started with one side soft flannel and one side terry cloth, which makes them great to use as napkins as well as they are soft on your face and hands.

Once the craft shows are finished for the holiday season, these should be up in my etsy shop, but for now, here is a preview of them and  a little insight on to why this is my current sewing project.

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