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Monkey Baby Quilt Finished and Posted

I finished my second blue and green monkey and banana quilt. I just love this pattern and these fabrics and the way that the basic quilting looks on it.

I made my first pair of these quilts when a good friend of ours had twins. I had made this quilt and then a similar one with reverse colors inside the nine blocks and pink as the border color.

I made the first quilts on my old machine a $100 Singer from Target and I made this one on my $500 Janome and WOW what a difference!! Such a smooth ride and less struggles with tangled threads and mistensioned bobbins.

Its amazing the difference a good machine makes.

So I am still trying to fill up my etsy shop before Thanksgiving and I just got a new job which I start on Monday, soI think the next four days will have me plowing away through some quilts and Christmas stockings and some more onesies. Ribbon roses are on the list too.

Cheers to four days of productive crafting and blogging! I hope to show you all a little bit more of what I do and love over the next few days!


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Kitty Quilts

I’ve been so good about being productive on my time off. Its time to do what I’ve been talking about doing for so long. Getting sewing, using all this fabric I have, and getting stuff up in my etsy shop. Jennifer from made me a banner ages ago and I have been such a lazy bum about sewing stuff for the shop. IT WAS TIME.

After I finished my first of 12 in 2012 I was inspired to continue sewing. My husband and cats came up with this idea, based on how much they love his quilt. I figured I would get started on making kitties quilts of their own. Rupert hopped right on it the second it hit the floor.

Kitty Quilt

Then I got some of the bibs I had made posted up on esty too… hey, while I’m at it, right?


Aaaaaand… I got the January Birthday Block done for the livejournal Birthday Blocks group.

Birthday Block for aphoenixrain

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Linus Connection

A wonderful crafty lady that I know, Jennifer of does a lot of work for the Linus Connection. Linus Connection is a charity in central Texas that provides blankets for children (infants to teens) in need. They may be homeless or in foster care, or even in the hospital.

Last month when her group had their monthly meeting they discovered they were 200 blankets short of those that were requested of them. Jen put a call out to her crafty friends, to send her orphan blocks (yarn or fabric). I am always working on a crochet blanket in front of the tv, so I had one nice and ready to send along to her. So instead of just sending blocks I was able to send her a whole crocheted baby blanket.

Here is a picture of that, and it is even from a pattern that Jennifer wrote called, “Oh Wavy Baby”


Then… I glanced at my stash of fabric and knowing that it had been just a little too long since I had finished a quilt top, I pulled out the Spiderman fabric I got on super sale, dug through my stash for some coordinating colors, found the perfect pattern, and got cutting. A day and half later I had this…


More information on the Linus Connection can be found here:

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Quilt for the MAN

I’ve finally made something for my MAN. It is not totally done, but here is the top.


I really wish that I could have gotten my hands on some more of the VW Combi Bus fabric by Heather Ross, but by the time I figured out I wanted it, it was $11/fat quarter. I bought half a yard and set out to find the perfect pattern where I didn’t have to cut the fabric up too much. i think that I found it. This pattern is “Perfect Ten” by Swirly Girls Design. It went together really fast. I was able to do all of my cutting at the Orange Quilt Bee on their awesome tables which I think saved me a lot of time as I don’t have much of a cutting table at home.

More of a close up of the fabric…

I love it, it is so soft. A nice poplin, its like super comfy sheets. I haven’t decided what I am going to back it with yet, but it will happen eventually.



Okay, so for awhile I have been participating in Talk to Me Tuesday. It is an awesome way for a bunch of awesome crafty ladies to share what we have been doing online, and it was started by Jennifer Ofenstein of You can read more about it here:

Aaaanyways, I have been somewhat reluctant to share my videos on this blog because it is so public. At this point though, what the hell. Most people know how nutty and nerdy I am. Perhaps what you might not know is how many times I can say “Um” in 8 minutes. Being in front of the camera makes me nervous… what can I say?

Okay, so you want to know I have online crafty friends, why can’t I make crafty friends near my home? Weeeell… it seems that the average age of crafty/quilty/crocheting women is about 52. While I can get along with 52 year old women fairly well, it is nice to be involved with a crafty group that I have a bit more in common with.

This video is a response to Jennifer’s weekly video, which you can get to by going to the youtube page and clicking on the link right under my video, which reads: This is a response to: Talk To Me Tuesday – Pigtails!

So… I hope you enjoy my nerdiness!!