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Monkey Baby Quilt Finished and Posted

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I finished my second blue and green monkey and banana quilt. I just love this pattern and these fabrics and the way that the basic quilting looks on it.

I made my first pair of these quilts when a good friend of ours had twins. I had made this quilt and then a similar one with reverse colors inside the nine blocks and pink as the border color.

I made the first quilts on my old machine a $100 Singer from Target and I made this one on my $500 Janome and WOW what a difference!! Such a smooth ride and less struggles with tangled threads and mistensioned bobbins.

Its amazing the difference a good machine makes.

So I am still trying to fill up my etsy shop before Thanksgiving and I just got a new job which I start on Monday, soI think the next four days will have me plowing away through some quilts and Christmas stockings and some more onesies. Ribbon roses are on the list too.

Cheers to four days of productive crafting and blogging! I hope to show you all a little bit more of what I do and love over the next few days!


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