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Okay, so for awhile I have been participating in Talk to Me Tuesday. It is an awesome way for a bunch of awesome crafty ladies to share what we have been doing online, and it was started by Jennifer Ofenstein of You can read more about it here:

Aaaanyways, I have been somewhat reluctant to share my videos on this blog because it is so public. At this point though, what the hell. Most people know how nutty and nerdy I am. Perhaps what you might not know is how many times I can say “Um” in 8 minutes. Being in front of the camera makes me nervous… what can I say?

Okay, so you want to know I have online crafty friends, why can’t I make crafty friends near my home? Weeeell… it seems that the average age of crafty/quilty/crocheting women is about 52. While I can get along with 52 year old women fairly well, it is nice to be involved with a crafty group that I have a bit more in common with.

This video is a response to Jennifer’s weekly video, which you can get to by going to the youtube page and clicking on the link right under my video, which reads: This is a response to: Talk To Me Tuesday – Pigtails!

So… I hope you enjoy my nerdiness!!

2 thoughts on “V-Log

  1. I can't watch the video until I get home (no You Tube access here) but wanted to say how much I identify with the "average age is 52" thing. Okay, at 46 I'm not so far away from 52, but seriously – there's 52 (the new 32!) and 52 (the olddddddddddddddddd 52).

  2. Yeah, well and don't get me wrong, I am not saying that 52 is old. I am just saying that 52 is the average. Most of the groups that I attend have more 60+ women at them. In classes that makes things move slower and in groups it turns coversations to politics and grandchildren.

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